The Thing About ‘Squid Game’

Photo: Netflix.
Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun on Netflix’s global hit du jour, Squid Game Photo: Netflix

From South Korea and now the hottest thing on Netflix, Squid Game is the show for you, if you are into cancelling folk.

This is a show about hundreds of have-nots – 456, to be precise – portrayed by a new constellation of global stars, including Lee Jung-jae, HoYeon Jung, and Gong Yoo, who are low-key goaded into a series of life-or-death games by an enigmatic apparatus, for the chance at a multimillion payout. All ya gotta do is outlive 455 other idiots.

This is a show in which this happens for a very few people’s pleasure, for a handful of haves, who would know about this sort of fucked-up brand o’ fun and who could think to and afford to participate and never pay a single consequence. This is the (fictional) commentary on capitalism and inequality on Earth in 2021 that we needed to consider, imagine, and accept, for hell, yes…we live in a world quietly imploding under the weight of its own unabashed greed.

If this show speaks to you, do us all a favor and sit with that for a moment.

We’re going easy now.

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