It Is Indecent

Forever and a half, and then some, we have read about, heard, witnessed the plight of the American worker (of farmers and nurses and teachers, here, there, everywhere). We have, and we also have learned the names of the companies that have yet to step up, of the politicians that filled their mouths with promises and delivered niente.

Forever and a half we all have known that it’s Xxpen$ive to America – to be American, to become American, to live and love here, to pursue life, liberty, and happiness in America.

It is indecent that all these companies and systems are keeping workers begging and having to go on strikes to stand up for what is fair. It is indecent, and the lot of us, we are complicit. Because we still fly, stay, eat, whathaveya, with, at, from oppressors.

We suck. But really, where else are we going? These days the powers that be aren’t even interested in pretending to want to serve us, the public. It’s all talk, talk, talk, talkin’ in the wind. (And that’s the non-wackos.)

It’s indecent, alright.

Good thing we can turn this beat around. How soon is now?

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