Steamy, Steamy

Boy, does it get kinda hot – downright balmy…and humid… – after a bomb cyclone.

That was a first, mind you.

One of the topics of conversation whenever on the phone with someone back home has always been the weather. Smooth and easy, that topic. Like buttah. And I feel like, maybe, that’s a fairly universal thing, talking about the weather with friends and family. It’s tradition. Very human.

It’s funny (curious, not funny ha-ha) to think about, to consider, how much colder, how much warmer things have gotten, say, down in Lima, Peru, in Florida, or ’round these parts in the Bay Area. How much more punishing and extreme and innovative things have gotten – I mean, a bomb cyclone, people, with an atmospheric river combo, this after a scarring fire season and a long and challenging drought. In English and in quick: a days-long downpour on rather parched soils.

I knew it was coming. I’d been singing for it. But boy, did all that rain make it steamy, steamy. My, my. That was new.

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