Our Time Is Right Now

When did “millennial” become such a bad word, anyway?

I mean, who paid who off to be able to marginalize millennials the way we have been in the United States of America and all over Earth – the condescension really is global – the last two decades, a.k.a. the first 20 years of this new century, our century? Who? Why?

You hear it all the time: Millennials are entitled. Millennials need participation trophies, they want gold stars simply for showing up. Millennials don’t have a single clue. They want easy; they don’t want to work or know how to work.

It’s all, well…so rich to hear this coming from a culture that loves to throw awards shows and relishes in excess, one that has put a premium on keeping up with the Kardashians but that doesn’t encourage or protect voting.

Not everyone is coming to the future, indeed, but you know who definitely are? Millennials.

Our time is right now. This dog-eat-dog world of ours is one fire in no small measure because of the grown-ups who were quote-unquote in charge and who have lit all the fuses they could find and who now refuse to put the matches down. Our time right now, and, yeah, fuck yeah we want more than this mess.

We want more peace. We want more and actual equality. We want to feel and be safe within our communities.

We want that now, and we are going to get it.

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