He/She/They Ought to Get a Clue

Why, oh why is it that difficult for non-millennials some people to get with the pronouns program, already?

Nineteen years ago, I came to the United States of America to study journalism in South Florida, right. That’s almost 20 years ago, OK, and one of the first lessons my professors taught me at MiamiDade Community College, an important teaching that was later reinforced at Florida International University, was always ask folks how they spell their names and how they prefer to be referenced in print. It’s like, basic.

So, see, journalists have been on the ball for a while because, end o’ the day, it is a sign of respect to get it right and pay that little bit of a courtesy forward.

There are more than two options in life for almost everything, so why not listen to what he is or she is or they are sayin’, about themselves…for your ass benefit, and make the quick little adjustment.

Imagine a world like that. Now live in it.

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