A Tenderloin Comment

re-invent the Tenderloin, @themartinharo/Instagram
Powerful new name? Powerful new attitude. Think about it

Isn’t it high time that this neighborhood that lives so on the edge of renewed vibrancy get a make-over and a new name that’s not predicated on once-upon-a-time stories about police corruption? OMGwyneth, have I tried.

I remember it all too well. We were in one of dem double-decker tour buses that traverse the town taking tourists to the sights of San Francisco, when the guide took to the mic to mention that the Tenderloin was possibly named in reference to the bribes cops could collect here, enabling ’em to afford the finest cut of beef. You also can read about this at the Tenderloin Museum.

For shame.

No matter what the T was, no matter who did it wrong, and no matter what’s been essayed here, this community can always change, become a better version of itself.

Why not empower it with a powerful new name, attitude, and brand. Re-invent the Tenderloin, already.

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