Everybody Knows the Damn Truth

Lots of #SanFrancisco peoples and unfortunately many, many visitors seem to be concerned with, by the recent theft of Louis Vuitton goods from the luxury brand’s Union Square shop (not to discount the magnitude and lamentable impact of the organized crime behind this and similar thieving operations in the Bay Area of late). Lotsa pearl-clutching by the peoples, and lots of strongly condemning the incidents by the politicos, somewhat rightly so, particularly the latter group. If only it weren’t so often so too little and so too late with ’em.

Oy with the indignant clutching of the pearls, already.

How very 2016. Don’t we have bigger fish to fry?

As a member of my community in this our City by the Bay, I cannot help but wonder: Isn’t it a bigger crime to see, know, and feel the reality of the Tenderloin on a daily basis, and do nothing new, productive, alternative about it?

Yes, a string of robberies like this is alarming, but it’s so such a moment – and one that has already passed, too, to boot.

Let it go.

Move on.

Don’t get lost in the hype.

Listen to your heart.

R.I.P. Virgil Abloh, but Louis Vuitton’s gonna be/is just fine and moving forward. Can our community?

What is motivating these detrimental actions? Now, that is a notion worth considering, especially in these post-COVID-19 times – or are we not talking about class and classism and the true inequalities of our lives yet?

One more time for the cheap seats in the back: If ya don’t want to see crime like this become the norm, then don’t let the entire neighborhood nearby look, be, and vibe the way we and tourists alike all know it does, OK.

I believe that our community can be fine, if not better than that, even. It can be healthier and it can thrive anew. But let’s face it: Unless the Tenderloin gets the re-invention, and the attention and the pearl-clutching, and the much-needed action by all that must follow, already, and that it so richly deserves, then there is no basis for such (influenced) indignation. Surprise, for sure, but we cannot preoccupy our pretty little heads with stunts like the ones pulled around the Bay by a bunch of punks.

Best to take the situation in and let it go, no? Breathe it in and out through the nose three times, feel it and assess it, and rise like a bitch.

Only way to change a bad sitch, everybody knows.

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