When and Where

Everything is relative to when and where you are….

And methinks that if, a whole looong year of global COVID-19 pandemic later (which our myriad privileges may have allowed us to feel…or not), if after all o’ that, and then some, more of us aren’t more “we” people than before, then we have not been payin’ attention, have we, and we haven’t learned a thing.

How many dead now? later, unless it’s your own personal work – that tikkun is never gonna take care of itself, y’ know – then, you’re being the wrong kind of selfish. Still.

Don’t like being talked at? Then, don’t be an asshole.

People are dead.

Replace your sensitivity chip. I know it’s there, but it’s clearly on the fritz. Like so many relationships these days.

It’s sad to realize some people are gonna, no joke, resent the pandemic, because they lacked the conviction to become a better version of themselves. Privilege is gonna privilege.

And by all means, keep going. That tikkun will only get lighter.


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