Oh I know ya didn’t blow out our fuses by pluggin’ #SanFrancisco into the #Matrix4, #Keannu Reeves. Watts with this #blackout, anyway, and why was I wasting my cell phone’s battery on tweetfoolery. Right. Because the alternative would be to freak out (childhood trauma). We’re still (mostly) safe, yeah? I hate blackouts. Also, I told […]

The Time Is Right Now, #SanFrancisco

Well aren’t I glad I didn’t spend my money on the midterms. The running idea was to support non-insane, worthy-of-continued-nurture-and-guidance candidates in Georgia, Florida, and Texas (and anywhere else such a person was running) – nothing for California because California didn’t need my jack – but, in the end, I didn’t invest in that way because […]