But Make It Fashun

Fashun Scarves, Martin Haro
We ready

Face masks – face coverings like, say, a homemade cloth mask, or an effectively wrapped scarf, or a cleverly fashuned scarf – will be required while out in public moving forward, #San Francisco, starting tonight. (You do not need to fuck with the N95 masks, so don’t hoard those, OK.) I thought face masks already had been advised as a good method to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, but Madam Mayor London Breed made it official this afternoon.

And there ya go. Next time you have to go out to run an essential errand or for a quick taking of the dog out or for a quick work-out not too far from home (a work-out without your dirty, germy equipment brought from home, btw – duh, obvs), now you get to accessorize And smize. (You can tell when people are smiling, even if their mouths are covered. For real.)

This is not a drill.

This is not a vacation.

This is a real pandemic, a moment in history worthy of acknowledgement. Let it sink in. We are incredible equipped to overcome this moment. And we are still learning about this novel coronavirus and what it can do to the human body.

Do your part, y no dejes que la vida te viva, alright. Self-isolation (self-discovery…self-realization), social distancing, sacrificing for the greater good and giving the best help you know how to give, baby, they’re the thing to do. Each a sign of the times.

Y’all were anticipating dem Roaring 2020s. Well, here they are.

Time to roar.

Roar. Through a mask. And smile. People can tell when you smile at them, even if your mouth is covered. It’s in our eyes.

It’s all about connecshun.

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