Brava, Madam Mayor!

Madam Mayor London Breed from San Francisco, Martin Haro
Mayor London Breed tells like it is on ABC7 News. San Francisco, 3.24.20

“Why are we still listening to the president?”

And just like that, with that succinct shutdown that doubled as call to think global but act local, Madam Mayor London Breed won yesterday’s effort by any elected official anywhere, IMHO, to drive the City of San Francisco inside and lead us and our communities across the country and around the world away from bad leadership, deadly misinformation, and unhelpful debate.

Breed served the tea live on the air during a lengthy midday interview with KGO-TV ABC7 News to lament the lack of federal government support coming out of Washington, D.C., these days, and to highlight our city’s “jump into action” response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The mayor also warned that we all need to adhere by her March 16 shelter-in-place ordinance, and the statewide March 20 echo of it by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus that gripped the planet earlier this winter.

“We just don’t know when the peak is gonna occur, until it actually does.”

Stay home, say lives (including yours). Plain and simple.

The mayor also addressed our ongoing homelessness problematic in the City by the Bay and what measures have been or are being taken to prevent an outbreak among our most vulnerable out on our city’s streets.

“[Sheltering in place, securing our homeless and unhoused shelter to ride out this storm], at this time, is the focus, it’s our new normal, and it’s ultimately about protecting public health and saving lives,” she said. “And we have to do what we have to do at this time to do that.”

There is no effective vaccine for this strand of coronavirus – that’s why it’s a novel coronavirus. It’s brand new. Perhaps, this is what we get for being such shit human beings on this gift of an Earth. I mean, who knows.

You know who doesn’t know a thing (about serving his country…marriage vows…or science)? That orange hemorrhoid of a so-called president we’re stuck with until November, so do not listen to him when he talks about potential remedies for COVID-19. You just might die, too, if you listen to that disastrous menace to society and humanity.

Shout-out to another Bay Area mayoress, Libby Schaaf from Oakland, who said yesterday, “It is so reprehensible that [Donald Trump] is not giving American people the truth.

“[Then again, h]e is his own state of emergency.”

Amen, ladies. Amen. I stan.

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