San Francisco 3.21.20

Polk PSA, @themartinharo/Instagram
🙏🏽 San Francisco, 3.19.20

A day later, California Gov. Gavin Newsom echoed the shelter-in-place ordinance that Madam Mayor London Breed announced in San Francisco last Monday, but for the entire Golden State and its 40 million residents. Food providers (farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and the restaurants that can manage it) may stay open. Ditto gas stations, pharmacies, and food banks. We may go out for these essential necessities and to exercise, but, we keep it short, efficient, and safe. To bridge the distance we must keep (the city’s ordinance is/was? until April 7 – stay tuned…), I’m waving and smiling at the few people we encounter when we go out to walk the dog, and on, best I can, checking on the people who are still out there on our streets.

Today I met a nurse practitioner named Edwin, waiting in line at the appropriate social distances outside our nearest Safeway. He was out on a break wanting to buy cupcakes to cheer up a patient. He ended up not going into the store; I did, but 15 minutes later. The store was allowing groups of 10 in every 10 or so that went out, and they were routinely reminding us to keep at least 6 ft. away from one another.

The mood was encouragingly jovial and communal. We carry on – but we hurry home.

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