#DoMore, Est. 11.9.16

#DoMore, @themartinharo/Instagram
For America. San Francisco, 11.9.16

You people over it yet? ’Cause you should be. We saw it coming, and we had our faults, too. Don’t act like you forgot. Now let’s get it together and do something. Less iLife and more weLife. Open your heart and mind and hearts and minds will follow. Find out what it is that President-Elect Donald Trump’s supporters truly need and want. Learn about their struggle and share the knowledge that you have that can get them back in the game and also save our planet – the two cannot be mutually exclusive anymore. This is an imperfect country – own your shit! – that’s come far and, clearly, still has ways to go. He asked for guidance today. Let’s give it to him. Let’s make sure he respects and protects and continues to elevate all of our rights. If his policies are nebulous now, let’s help him – via our elected officials – develop them toward clarity and fairness. Things are going to change; everyone’s believed that for a while. Here’s change now. Fingers crossed, change won’t come at the expense of progress. This is happening. He won fair and square. We knew who he was, what game he was playing, and the cards he was holding. The time for pearl clutching is behind us. Get to work. #DoMore

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