Urgh…. The Thing About Biden & Bernie

Listening to the former vice president and to the senator yak about immigration, and how we immigrants should be able to find an available pathway for immigration into and, I should presume, toward citizenship in the United States of America, it’s like, what do they know.

Like, really: What do Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders really know about being an immigrant, in America, in 2020 (o yesterday or yesteryear).

There already is a pathway. A pathway already exists. I’m on it. I been on it. I’m gonna stay on it. And I’m paying for it.

The pathway is long (so I don’t know how they could miss it). And o caminho already is and can get hella solitário. The pathway is too long. It costs a lot of money up front and the ROI is questionable. Plus, taxes must be paid, as well as dues, of course (proverbial and, get this straight, literal). And then, there’s the whole discrimination thing.

It boggles my mind that a nation of immigrants founded by immigrants for immigrants has taken, can take 20+ years to embrace fully someone like me, and it hurts my soul that the same nation has separated so many migrant families and caged so many migrant children, our neighbors to the south, and done a complete about-face on its own raison d’être. I do not get it.

Baby, I’m true blue. But do take this time to listen to communities. Get it done, guys.

You coulda had my damn vote by now. And in 2020, we coulda had Julián Castro. But, no…you went with these two perfectly fine young gentlemen.

Let’s get it done. The time to refocus purposefully truly is right now.

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