Going Live at 5…01s

Photo: Levi's.
Gather, listen to your favorite artists, and #UseYourVoice at 5:01 Live

Levi’s is going live at 5:01, California time, this afternoon.

The San Francisco-based company is launching 5:01 Live today, in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. I’m not at liberty to say who’s lined up to perform this week, but when you see them, you just might drop it like it’s hot with excitement. You might call your friends and ask if you can just talk, as you share the moment in self-isolation at home thanks to technology (it does come in handy, huh).

5:01 is the perfect time to take a little break and gather the entire home office, young and old, live around the ol’ Instagram and enjoy a little music.

Music makes the people come together, and when they do, you know good denim is  present.

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