Call It What You Want

Call it what you want to, guys, but not much has changed between now and then, between this Taylor Swift 2019 moment

…and this Madonna 1995 moment….

Back from the Madonna moment? Good. And like, right? My goodness. Lady Di was left without protection and she got killed in that tunnel in Paris not two years later. Because the system that was meant to protect her had no use for her anymore.

My fascination with Madonna is that she has always been unapologetically herself, and clear not only about that – her pursuit – but also about where her love lives, who she sees, and who she celebrates. No doubt about it, Swift has walked on ground hallowed by the Queen of Pop, but she also has faced retrograde backlash in her own journey toward artistic freedom and fulfillment – toward the authentic, unbothered realization of her self. Accomplished as though they – there two white women in the arts – may be, there is always someone, some man, The Man, in front of them wanting to slow them down or stop them. Yes, even, them.

Where the most disrespected person in America is the black woman, the white lady privilege is real – just ask #CentralParkKaren. So when the powers that still are go after them, what chance does the rest of stand.

We have witnessed the killing of black bodies, the caging of brown children, the internment and persecution of Asian and Italian immigrants in this country, the slaughter of far too many communities in the name of the Second Amendment for far too long in this country.

Topple this patriarchy, already. Dismantle this abusive system that takes, takes, takes liberty, yet seldom gives it or protects it for all. A new democracy is nigh.

We will see it.

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