Photo: O, The Oprah Magazine

Lest you forgot, it has been 157 day since 26-year-old E.M.T. Breonna Taylor was shot and killed, in her own home, during some sort of an overreach-y raid out in Louisville, Ky., earlier this year… right before COVID-19 hit.

Don’t act like you forgot, especially because no arrests have been made.

Where is the justice? Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. It bears repeating, too: Black Lives Matter.

Three plainclothes Louisville Metro P.D. officers were involved in Taylor’s death (at least – you know, the more time passes, the clearer we can see that the buck will have to travel a long way before it stops). One has been fired, while the other two are on administrative reassignment.


We need these men involved in this killing to be held accountable. Oprah thinks so, too. We need an explanation, and, more obviously and pressingly, we gotta set a new standard for how our police officers serve and protect our communities. So much work to do…. Banning no-knock warrants in honor of Breonna Taylor is a good start. Why not follow with the actual hardest first step and do the right the thing, already.

And, hey – did anyone hear it, when I suggested that every officer in American ought to be getting some sort of therapy like, right now (and moving forward)? Like, yesterday.

Is this thing on?

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