Pandemic Peeps: Aurora Dominguez

As the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by a novel and deadly coronavirus that spread out of China during the winter, thrusts us well into Month 3 of a generalized global shutdown, I thought I’d check in on some of the people I’ve met along the way, my community.

I’ve lived in three cities across two countries in both hemispheres. I kinda need to know what’s going on over there, OK.

Porque la cosa está brava.

But we carry on.

Aurora Dominguez x Nabi Nassar ❌ King of Cups
Photo: Aurora Dominguez x Nabi Nassar

Aurora Dominguez is a teacher at Boca Raton High School and an adjunct instructor of journalism and communications at Florida International University, our alma mater. Go Panthers! (That’s where we met, in AC II at BBC.) To borrow a phrase commonplace in Florida, she’s been riding out the storm at home in Hollywood, Fla., with her husband, Sebastian, a good-humored spirits consultant and bartender, who spread a little joy (and went viral) after he wore an inflatable T-Rex costume to shop at Target, previously on the pandemic.

King of Cups: How have you been doing this season of self-isolation?

Aurora Dominguez: I’m bipolar, so it’s been a mix. But I’ve been making sure to see my therapist, my psychiatrist, and to take vitamins and meds, and go for walks. I also find going to get groceries, safely, therapeutic. I’m the type of person that thrives from her environment, so isolation has been tough!

King of Cups: How are things with the family and work?

Aurora Dominguez: Sebastian and cat Luna and I are well. I’ve been teaching online and freelancing at home. My husband got furloughed in late April until early June/July. But thankfully we had some money saved and have been taking care of ourselves during this time.

King of Cups: Looking within, what trait do you feel has helped you carry on the most?

Aurora Dominguez: My perseverance and my drive…and my belief in myself.

King of Cups: What have you noticed is most needed in your community?

Aurora Dominguez: Trust, a sense of community and more compassion.

King of Cups: What do you hope will be the takeaway from this moment?

Aurora Dominguez: That it’s OK to pause and work on yourself as needed. 🙂

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