Pandemic Peeps: Nick D’Annunzio

As the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by a novel and deadly coronavirus that spread out of China during the winter, has us on Month 3 of a generalized global shutdown, I thought I’d check in on some of the people I’ve met along the way, my community.

I have lived in three cities across two countries in both hemispheres. I kinda need to know what is up over everywhere, OK.

Porque la cosa está brava.

But we carry on.

Nick D'Annunzio & Ugo Rondinone's "good evening beautiful blue" at The Bass, @nickdannunzio/Instagram
Photo: @nickdannunzio/Instagram

Philadelphia-born Nick D’Annunzio is a co-principal of the PR agency TARA, Ink., one of Miami’s agencies of record. I used to work with Nick and Tara Solomon, his partner in life and business, and their team a lot during the aughts, when I wrote for a few magazines out in South Florida. Those were some good times. Like most of us today, Nick and Tara have sheltering in place at home, in Miami Beach for weeks, all the while striving to lead TARA, Ink., as well as their community, into tomorrow. I caught up with Nick to see how he’s managing this moment.

King of Cups: How have you been doing this season of self-isolation?

Nick D’Annunzio: We’ve been doing very well, been enjoying our home. It’s wonderful to slow down a little bit and to count your blessings. Ours has been spending time in our home cooking, cleaning and repairing it, filling it with good energy and love.

King of Cups: How are things with the family and your business?

Nick D’Annunzio: It’s been really difficult. With work. While we are blessed to still be in business, we did lose about 80 percent of it in 48 hours [when the world shut down]. It’s a slow rebuild right now. But we’ve also been helping those in need, complimentary, to help them rebuild their own business, too. Our team has been doing well. We did lose some team members that found it hard to work from home; too much stress because they were homeschooling their children. But we’ve also added a couple new positions, which we are very proud of. Our families are doing well; everyone has remained healthy up to this point.

King of Cups: Looking within, what trait do you feel has helped you carry on the most?

Nick D’Annunzio: My eternal optimism. I believe the energy you put out is the energy you get back.

King of Cups: What have you noticed is most needed in your community?

Nick D’Annunzio: Tolerance. This has become so political. What should be pulling us together, through politics is pushing people apart.

King of Cups: What do you hope will be the takeaway from this moment?

Nick D’Annunzio: To spend our time and money more wisely. Making [expenditures] experience-driven. I care less for material things and only want my friends and my family to be healthy, and to spend time with them.

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