Challenges Ahead

I don’t think anyone has ever been better prepared than us at this moment in time to confront the ongoing COVID-19 and racism pandemics head on and without fear, and finally vibe to the global shift of energy and consciousness each has pushed and thrusted upon the planet.

We are going to have to lean into our resilience and our resolve, to become more organized and efficient and punctual – more disciplined about matters both big and small. People are going to hold us accountable more, but more importantly, we are going to have to check in with ourselves, especially if we ever want to check someone else. It’s a process, and it’s gotta be done. Trust me, growing pains are good.

If the culture had taken a beat, when it could, then, perhaps, we wouldn’t be in this underinsured, explosive mess. But it had to keep going, didn’t it. Some of y’all just had to keep it going. Mention it all now, for, if it’s mentionable, then it’s manageable.

And, if you are still waging war, after an entire season of self-isolation caused by a global public-health pandemic, and a much-overdue cultural reckoning, then you are the problem.

Wake up and get out the way. Get out of your own way, and switch tracks, because we are all going one way and that is forward and into tomorrow.

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