Hot 🥵 Summer

If you are a global-warming denier or know someone who hasn’t been believin’ in climate change (and somehow getting in the way of any sort of sensical large-scale worldwide preparation), please, fuck off and remember and/or know that last year, in 2020, Death Valley National Park didn’t register a 130-degree temperature until the middle of August, OK. We had days turn to red here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it was all kinds of hot well until after middle of October.

This year, in 2021, we are barely in July, and Death Valley’s already hitting that 130-degree mark. And it has been warming up since April Fools’.

This isn’t a joke (it never was).

To think of all the time and resources wasted on ignorantly insisting otherwise….

We are gonna get it together, though. We’re gonna get it together because we know better and we are going to keep it together.

You’ll see. We all will.

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